About me...


I've always had a creative spirit.  As a young girl, I remember both of my grandmothers and one very special aunt sharing their art with me.  As an adult, I now truly appreciate their work, the joy it brought and for their influence on me.  


I began watercolor classes around 1995 and have been taking classes ever since.  I've been fortunate to take painting workshops along the California coast, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley and the Taos and Ghost Ranch areas of New Mexico.


I'm inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.  I sketch and take photos to use as reference material.   The lighting, colors, smells and feelings I experience are what I try to convey in most of my work.   Other times I may just paint from a doodle!


The painting process, from the idea to the completed work is challenging and gives me a sense of completeness.  I give thanks to God for the blessings my art has given to me and to others.  I also thank my family for the encouragment and support they have given me and to my son, Nicholas who so patiently help me in creating this website!